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Monday, March 25, 2013

Update and Accountability

Remember a few months ago when I asked for accountability in weight loss?  Well, I thought I would send an update on how I'm doing.  Since December, I have lost about 12 lbs!  This is great and very exciting, but I feel I have a ways to go, so any advance, encouragement or accountability is welcome.
Weight loss journies are a funny thing, they tell you a lot about yourself.  Before we had our first son, I lost about 20 pounds which was a challenge, but all with the goal in mind of having a baby.  I feel like when there is a goal in mind, whatever it is, it makes losing the weight more of a goal.  For some it is to get skinny, for some it is to be healthy, the list goes on.  I suppose for me, there are a lot of reasons why.  I do want to be healthy.  I take care of sick people on a daily basis and how can I ask them to be healthy if I don't live it out myself?  I also want to be healthy for my son.  I don't want him to be running circles around me while I sit and watch, I want to run with him.  Another goal for me is related to health as well.  In December, I was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance.  Insulin resistance occurs when the body doesn't respond as well to the insulin that the pancreas is making and glucose is less able to enter the cells. This could be the reason why it has been hard to get pregnant and puts me at higher risk for getting Type 2 Diabetes in the future.  I was put on Metformin, which is a medication used to treat Type 2 Diabetes.  I have felt much better while taking it and I think this is one reason it has been easier to lose weight.  It is also a good medication in treatment for complications from infertifility.  Insulin Resistance is pretty common, although probably underdiagnosed and their isn't a whole lot of lay information out there to help people who are diagnosed with it.  I saw a diabetic educator about what to eat.  I have increased my exercise and tried to cut out sugars, not completely, but cut it down by at least 80%.  I am eating less carbohydrates and a lot of vegetables and health meats (fish, turkey etc) and drinking a lot of water.  I am hoping to eventually get off of the metformin after I have lost  significant amount of weight (20 more pounds or so).  So, all this to say that I am excited to find out about this diagnosis, it explained a lot why weight loss was harder for me, but it has also given me a goal to strive for in the journey of weight loss.
I appreciate your prayers during this journey and if you have any questions, just leave a comment...

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