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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

One of my favorite things!

Since Oprah recently did her "favorite things" show, I thought that I could post some of my favorite things as well. One of my favorite things is MUSIC! I love it! As I am sure most of you do too. I listen to just about any type of music. I listen all the time, especially in the car. I have about a 45 minute trip back and forth to work, so that makes for lots of music listening time. I am one of those people that loves noise. It's kind of hard for me to just have quiet. All of you psych majors and psych people could probably analyze something bad from that, and I know I have issues with being quiet-which is a WHOLE other blog. Back to music...
These are two of my favorite CD's right now. They pretty much just stay in my CD player all the time. the first is Bethany Dillon's first CD-Revolutionaries! She's a young girl-but has HUGE things to say to us all. I highly recommend her.
The other is Caedmon's Call most recent CD-Share the well. It talks about their trips to Brazil, ECUADOR(WOO HOO!) and India. I appreciate this CD so much because I feel like it really captures the essence of need around the world. Since I want to help people in a foreign country and because I have been to Ecuador, I guess I relate wellto it. Plus, I have loved Caedmon's since I was in college.
One of my favorite things-
I highly recommend these two CD's and I promise they are "lighter" than my last recommendation of Crash. (Congrats to Bethany M for seeing it.)
Hope everyone out there had a great Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Happy Birthday to my Dad!

Well, today is my dad's birthday. I had planned on posting some really fun pictures, but for some reason, they wouldn't work. Maybe I will try later on. Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my dad! He's such a great dad and I am so blessed to be his daughter! So, here's a post for you dad! I love you very very much! Happy Birthday!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

More pictures

Here's "Uncle Dole" and all 3 nieces-Brianne,Bailey, and Braedyn! Braedyn calls us "Uncle Dole" and "Aunt Tim" (she's still working on saying K and J. But because she calls us that, most of the rest of the family does too! It's so fun! So, we had a great weekend and I think Joel had a good birthday. His mom even made his favorite dessert! Go Ruthie! So Happy (Belated) Birthday to Joel! 30 is just another birthday!

More fun weekend pictures!

This is our oldest niece-Brianne! She's such a cutie!

Fun Weekend (A little belated)

Well, I am going to do a couple of posts with a bunch of pictures from our weekend. We had a fun fun weekend, although much too short. It started with Joel's birthday on Firday! He woke up that day to a fun present from me (I almost couldn't wait till his birhtday to give it to him). A little background...Joel is not a surprise kind of guy. He likes to have things planned and for the most part-that works. But, I wanted to surprise him this year and it worked. Hehad no idea what I was going to do. Anyway, I got him tickets to his favorite musical-Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!! I was so excited. He had only mentioned it once that it was playing in Chicago and I just happened to get tickets! Yeah KIM! I actually surprised my husband. Well, Joel is 30! It's pretty crazy and doesn't seem to effect him. It looks pretty good on him by the way! So to keep on celebrating, we went to Goshen, IN where Joel's parents live to have an early Thanksgiving dinner and to celebrate Joel's birthday more. He got lots of fun cards from our nieces. Here is a picture of 2 of them. Braedyn is the one on her head and Brianne is the one that Joel is putting something on her head! We have 3 other nieces-one more from this family and 2 in Japan-Sheena and Reenna. There dad works for Toyota and so they are in Japan for 2 years. We miss them! So here is the first of our posts!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Holiness Debate

Sorry that I haven't posted in a while. We had a crazy busy weekend (Joel's birthday, school work, church commitments, visiting fam, etc...). I will post pictures of those things later, but right now I thought I would share something that happened over the weekend and get your opinion.

So Joel and I are in the car driving to see his family and, as usual got into an interesting discussion. Now, our discussions range from food to farts, religion, and end of life issues. You never know what we're going to talk about on a roadtrip. Well, during this roadtrip, we discussed religion. Since he is a seminary student and I am not, I tend to bring lots of questions his way, and very often too-especially with work issues. Anyway, I asked him the questions, "Are denominations good, bad, or ugly?" Then I asked, "What denomination do you think has the closest interpretation to the Bible?" As you can imagine, we both had interesting points to both questions. I think (and so does he) that denominations are good and bad. I will explain at a later date. As far as denominations and interpretations...well...maybe I won't go there now either. However, another thing that was brought up is the Wesleyan church. I grew up Wesleyan and although he grew up mennonite, he did go to IWU! We both like the Wesleyan church a lot. OK so I am making this really long, but the final question I thought I would post to you is tell me what your thoughts are:
Do you think a majority of the Wesleyan church views sanctification as a ONE TIME EVENT or do you think it is viewed as a LIFELONG PROCESS? I will leave you now with your thoughts...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My Best Friend's Wedding!

My most loyal and best friend Christa Davis got married on October 22 and I was honored to be in her wedding. I met Christa my first year out of college at Asbury and we have been friends ever since. Although we have lived miles about, we have remained close. I hadn't seen Christa in 3 years-since she was in my wedding. It was so great to see her and meet ALL of her family and friends. She married Bart Sims and they live in Evansville, IN. A cool thing is that they met on E-Harmony! He's a wonderful man of God and makes Christa very happy. Most of you probably don't know her, but enjoy the pictures anyway.

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ohio State still has a chance

Although our Buckeye's have not had a HUGE season, they are actually still in the running for the Big Ten Title! How great would that be with a record like theirs. They had a great win over Illinois (it's crazy we live here and don't root for Illinois) 40-2. Let's hope they can keep it up as they play another Illinois team-Northwestern. Have we mentioned we live about 10 minutes from Northwestern...we don't root for them either.

So as we celebrate Joel's birthday on Friday, let's hope Saturday we can celebrate a win for the Buckeye's!!!

Any other Ohio State fans out there on the edge of their seats?

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Soccer Fun!

Tonight was youth group night and instead of having regular youth group, we thought we would make the hike down to North Park University (where Joel goes to school) and watch the soccer game. It wasn't just any soccer game...the Vikings are in the running for the conference championship. Since a lot of our kids like sports, we thought this would be fun. Well, although it was supposed to be warm, it was a little chilly...
The kids were great though and we had a lot of fun. Northpark won 1-0 and they will play their rival-Wheaton for the championship this Saturday. As the pictures show, I think Joel had the most fun of anyone...he plays soccer with a lot of the soccer team guys for fun so it was a sweet win for him too. No game could be complete without a healthy snack from McDonald's (is that an oxymoron or what!?) It was lots of fun!