The Delp Details

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Our newest picture of Simeon!

When I began to think about this post and what I was going to say, what kept coming back to me was the word 'Aloha'. You may be thinking "wow, she really has her languages confused, I thought you were learning Spanish." Well, we are going to be learning Spanish, but it seemed to me like this word really captured where my heart is right now. It's amazing how a word can mean so much, at least my understanding of the word. I always thought Aloha meant "hello" and "goodbye" in Hawaiin. Well, when I researched it, I found out it means a lot more. So, for those Hawaiin language and culture buffs out there, my apologies for not using it in it's proper terminology, but as I said it seems to fit what I am feeling right now.

The word 'goodbye' to me is such a final word. One of those words you say to people when you know you will never see them again. I certainly don't intend on never seeing most of you again, but it is hard to know you don't know when you will see people again. It's hard to transition your mind from knowing you can see people in a few minutes or hours to now needing a day or so to see them.

That is where Aloha comes in. My mindset where I am now (most minutes of the day anyway) is filled with sadness and excitement, a feeling that things are bittersweet. We are leaving our families, friends, dogs, and all that is familiar. The tears when saying goodbye are gut-wrenching and knowing we will leave all that is familiar to a new place that is not familiar is a bit scary. The adventurous part of me however is excited about not knowing what is in store, meeting new people, learning a new culture and language and being in the place where God has called us for this time. There are scary and anxious times too. I found myself today looking at all that is familiar and realizing this time next week, I will be in brand new surroundings-in every sense of the word. As Aloha means hello and goodbye, that is where I am. I am saying goodbye to life here in the U.S. and that is difficult, but I am saying hello to new adventure and being in the place God has called us to. This is exciting and an adventure.

We covet, COVET your prayers during this time of transition. The emotional one of the family (ME!) is not having an easy time with goodbyes. Pray for us as we pray for you.

These pictures are from our last Sunday at our home church, Northwest Covenant. They had a 'sending' prayer time for us, praying for each of the 3 of us specificually. We love our church and will miss our friends there.

Aloha U.S., Aloha Ecuador.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another picture update

It has been a while since we have updated. Just thought I would do so in pictures first...
Here are some from April and May. Simeon was dedicated at our church in April. The rest are just misc. ENJOY!