The Delp Details

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Time with Family

We got to get out of the city for awhile this past week to visit with JOel's family in Goshen. It was fun to spend time with family and to see those we hadn't seen in a couple months. We had some nice weather and played lots of Tennis and Joel even got to golf!!!!! It was a nice relaxing week for us.

As a little update and prayer request...
Joel is able to make a trip to Ecuador and leaves this Saturday for 8 days. He will mainly be spending time with the youth kids from our church, but will also be able to connect with people involved in future ministry. He will be trying to set stuff up for our short term mission adventure coming up in about a year. Please pray that God will give him opportunities to set these plans up and will guide him in the area where HE wants us. We are praising Jesus for this time he can spend in Ecuador! (I am a little jealous that he is going and I have to work and be in school).

Further updates to follow...
Blessings to all.

We can clean up nice sometimes

Reenna showing her balancing skills

The cousins playing together

Joel's older sister and her family

JOel's older brother and his family

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New FAV recipe

Well, I was watching the cooking channel recently and I found a great new summer, HEALTHY recipe. It is
Lemon Basil Salmon Pasta
1-4 Salmon FIllets
1 lbs (less if for less people)whole wheat pasta
2 cloves of diced garlic
Zest of a lemon
Juice from 1-2 lemons
Basil (as little or as much for your tasting)
2 tsp Cajun Seasoning
2tsp Paprika
2 tsp Chili Powder

Cook the pasta in a salted saucepan until done-drain

Season with fish with cajun seasoning, paprika, and chili powder-you can use more if you like it spicier. Cook the fish in a pain until flaky-or grill it.

Mince garlic, mix it with lemon juice and zest and cut up the basil. When the pasta is done and drained, mix it with the lemon juice mixture and toss it. Place the salmon on top and enjoy.

THe original recipe said to season the salmon with just salt and pepper-but I added the cajun stuff to spice it up a bit!
HOpe you enjoy!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Top 10 signs your car doesn't have AC

#10 The temp outside is cooler than your car after a 1 hour drive with the window's down!
#9 You CAN actually fry an egg on the dash board
#8 When you leave a bottle of water in the car during grocery shopping and you come out and it's boiling!
#7 You accidently leave chapstick in the car and go to put it on and it's a puddle in your lap (yes this actually has happened and it's always when I am dressed up).
#6 After a nice drive during rush hour traffic, it looks like you have run a marathon from the amount of sweat pouring off of you.
#5 When you go into the gym to work out and they look at your funny because you look like you already HAVE worked out!
#4 There's always the possiblity of heat stroke on any given day
#3 During the summer no one else can ride in your car-if they do-you have to have a consent form that says "you have been warned"
#2 You have to stick your head out the windown with you dogs (and the slobber from doing it is refreshing)
and #1 Every time you get out of the car, it feels (and probably looks) like you wet your pants!