The Delp Details

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Videos of Simeon

Here is a video of Simeon's first spoon feeding with rice cereal! HE LIKES IT, HE LIKES IT!

Monday, July 12, 2010

First Trip to the AMAZON

On THursday and Friday of last week, we were asked by our Spanish teacher Olgita and her husband Henry to go with them to visit Henry's mother. We of course said yes! Henry's mother lives in a town in the Amazon called El Chaco. Don't worry, we didn't stay in huts, we actually stayed in a hotel and Henry's mom made every meal from her restuarant! We were spoiled for sure. We also visited a Covenant Church in Lumbaqui, a town 2 hours from El Chaco, east and slightly north. A U.S. team will be working there in a couple weeks so our fellow missionary Chris went to 'scope' it out. Also along on the trip were Olgita's brother (our babysitter during Spanish lessons) Ricardo and a new U.S. friend from North Park Michelle. It was a great trip and Simeon as well as Joel and I got to experience many new things.

The Family Delp

This is a river that leads to the Napo river which empties into the Amazon. Henry has baptized people here so it has special meaning to him.

This is a lake close to Baeza. They have never been able to find the bottom of it! Luckily we didn't try either!

Simeon, Ricardo (our babysitter), Michelle, Caleb, Henry and Olgita.

This is an amazing waterfall close to El Chaco. We didn't even get in the water, but still got drenched just getting close. The survivors are Ricardo, Michelle, Lis, Kim, Joel and Henry, Chris is taking the picture, but he didn't venture close.

Cotopaxi Volcano-A little closer picture than from our window