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Monday, February 25, 2008

Questions Answered

In attempting to keep with sharing stories and answering questions about "medical stuff", I thought I would answer Amy's question about Automated External Defibrillators (AED's) and their placement on women. The great thing about AED's is that they will walk you through exactly what you are supposed to do and they even give you pictures where to place the pads. For women it is usually no different. You put the pads basically between the breasts on the sternum and to the right and below the right breast. If a women is well-indowed, you can also place the pads one between the breasts or right above the L breast and the other directly in the same place on the back. THis is at times difficult for just one person, but usually if you are doing this in a public place, you won't have that problem.
AED's are awesome and they really DO save lives. My recommendation to non-healthcare providers is to enroll in a basic CPR course. They will not only teach you basic CPR, but it also teaches you how to use AED's properly. You really can save lives by having this information-you NEVER know when you will use it.
More information can be found at the above link.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

CURVES update

I have been waiting to update on the new program I have started at Curves to see how the results are. The new program is called CURVES SMART. It is the same amount of time, but is a MAJOR workout. In this month alone since I started, I have lost 1% body fat, my BMI has gone down 1 point and I have lost inches to the hips, thighs, and other places too! I have lost 1 pound. I figure 1 pound is OK since I am replacing fat with muscle (it does weigh more!). Anyway, just thought I'd update you. Again this CURVES SMART is a great new program. If you are thinking of joining, make sure your Curves has this program.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

OK Prayer Warriors...

So, next week (Tues or Wed) I have my second Pharmacology test. I am totally pumped with how well the first one went, but the second one is like twice the material and it's 3 times as hard (LDR curves, G-coupled proteins, and muscarinic receptors, sounds fun hugh!?)
So, if you think about it between now and especially next Tue or Wed, please pray for me and the test.
Pray for:
-Clarity and understanding of this massive amount of material
-Not to be anxious while taking the test
-Time management the next few days

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Snowstorm pictures and some of the girls...

Yesterday we had a snow storm. The whole fam stayed home together and we got to just chill and watch the snow, watch movies, study, and just hang out. I LOVE SNOW DAYS-just like when I was a kid.

View from our 3rd floor apartment

Snow pictures from our sunroom

Patah really likes this snow day stuff

Hireq and Patah relaxing on Joel's legs

Hireq enjoying the snow

I need a mask...I passed also!

So, as stated in a previous blog, I wanted to post some things related to what I (Kim) do and maybe they can help those in blogger land. Well, the point of this post is that laughter is the best medicine! This is one of the funnier stories I have had recently working as an ER nurse. I am sure your minds can run WILD as to the funny things I see on a daily basis. I won't get TOO graphic, but I will share this story.
The other day I was working and it was an extremely busy day! These kind of days can sometimes be trying, but this made it all worth it. I had an elderly lady who came in from the nursing home and nobody there knew what was wrong with her (we're the ER, we are supposed to figure these things out ya know!!!!). Anyway, they thought she had a fever so we HAD to check to make sure we while we were doing so, she tooted SO loud and SO long! The other person helping me just died laughing, of course did too (I am SOOOO professional). She hadn't realized what she had done, which was probably better. But it defintely made us laugh, helping get through the day just a little bit better.
There ya have it Robin! ENJOY!
I thought I would let you all know in blogger world that