The Delp Details

Saturday, February 25, 2006


OK, so I didn't explain how to get to the videos. Once you are to the website, put your cursor on the movie projector("media") on the top left. Then click on "Videos". At the top click on page "2" (It is very small). You will see 4 links that say Jesus Videos. Happy Watching!

Jesus Videos

I have a great link to go to to see a few videos that you will hopefully think are just hysterical. This church (Vintage 21), put these videos together as part of a sermon series on Who Jesus Is and used these videos to show misconceptions about Jesus. Hopefully you pastor folk out there won't view these as sacreligious, but as absolutely hysterical in the misconceptions of who Jesus is. Just click on each video. Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Kim's Health Moment

Well, all my nursing professors would be so excited that I am blogging about HANDWASHING! It seems so simple and yet it does so much. I thought that since I am a nurse and since this is a crazy bad season for colds, flu, RSV, and other things, that I would share a quick health tip for everyone. HANDWASHING is one of the most important things you can do to prevent disease. Pretty crazy huh? It's true. Most of the viruses such as colds and flu can just be prevented by washing your hands or using PURELL hand sanitizer. Our hospital did a study and found that the PURELL brand of hand sanitizer killed the most germs. So when it says kills 99.9%-it seems to be correct. Anyway, back to hand washing. Especially for kids-it is important to teach good handwashing since they are the main carriers a lot of times for germs. A great way to get them to wash their hands and learn at the same time is to have them sing a song while they wash. Try the ABC's or Happy Birthday or Twinkle Twinkle. It is not really the soap-although ANTIMICROBIAL does kill stuff-it is actually the friction caused by rubbing your hands together. The temperature is not always a huge factor either-lukewarm-especially for kids is fine. For those of you with new babies-always make sure that people either wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before they hold your baby. You never know where they have been and since babies are at a greater risk for sickness-who wants to take the risk. So, as cheesy as this is, hopefully it will help decrease the amount of colds and flu in your house. HAPPY HANDWASHING!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Valentine's Theory

No I haven't fallen off the blogging world, just been extremely busy with work. Because I work night shift, we keep very odd schedules to begin with, imagine how screwed up the day was yesterday when I didn't get up at 5PM, but 5AM to be at work! I had a class for the day which was very odd. Joel worked all day as well and then had a meeting for church until 10PM. Before you all go being sad for us that we didn't have time to spend together...we have gotten used to not really celebrating Valentine's. Now you probably really think we're weird. Maybe Halloween or President's day you don't celebrate, but Valentine's--the day of LOVE...blah blah.(Just kidding). Don't get us wrong, we love to celebrate "Love" Day, but since we first started dating, my husband has had his own theory on Valentine's Day and he strives to keep it going each year. His theory is that he should not just show me ONE day out of the year how much he loves me, but he should be showing me ALL YEAR ROUND how much he loves me (YES, I have a wonderful husband). He does things like giving me cards (which he knows I love), sending flowers, surprising me with dinner out so I don't have to cook, bringing me SUSHI, etc...It's an interesting theory, different than most people I'm sure, but Joel defintely doesn't always fit the mold...I like that. He did give me a card yesterday telling me how much he misses me when I am not around at night (since I am at work) and then gave me a few tulips ( I love spring). So, that is the Delp theory of Valentine's. Those of you who know us best know that we defintely don't fit the mold for most things...why should we with the "LOVE DAY" either? Hope you all had a nice Valentine's.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My Newest CD

My newest CD that I got for my birthday was the Live Shane and Shane CD. It is fabulous! I have been listening to them since before they were really popular. My best friend Christa would make a tape from the CD's she had for me.(This was like 5 years ago) Anyway, I highly recommend this CD-it also comes with a DVD too that is great! It's great worship that brings you into the presence of our Lord!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Happy Borthday to...ME!

We had lots of fun celebrating my birthday on Saturday and last Wednesday. On Wednesday Joel took me to my favorite Sushi Resturant and then gave me my gifts...
The Best of SNL-Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, and Will Ferrell. As if that wasn't enough, he also got me a gift certificate for a massage, pedicure, manicure, etc...YEAH JOEL! He did really well. All of it was a surprise too-I didn't even ask for it. On my actual birthday (Saturday the 28th) we went out to eat at Olive Garden, made my favorite cake (German Chocolate) together and then just hung out and watched a movie. It was nice to just have some down time together before we both get really busy again. Mu husband is very good to me, not just because he gives me wonderful, fun gifts for my birthday, but because he makes every day of our lives together special-no matter how crazy busy our lives are. I am so excited to see what this year has in store!