The Delp Details

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A New Chapter

In mid-January I started working as a Nurse Practitioner at a local hospital in Goshen, Indiana-officially entering the world of the 'working mother'.  Believe me, this is not entered into lightly for me and I realize I have been spoiled in the fact that I haven't been in this role in this way before.  In Ecuador, I was a working mother, but as such, we were able to work together as a family, travel as a family, go to meetings as a family, etc.  I was never really away from Joel and Simeon to work.  So, going from that, to working 12 hour night shifts and sleeping and then seeing them for 2 hours before going back to work, has not been an easy adjustment to say the least. 

I never really understood what this new chapter would mean when we thinking and contemplating it while still in Ecuador.  I knew it would be different, but I did not realize how guilty I would feel in this new world.  These nights I have been working, Simeon usually cries or doesn't want to get off of my lap, which just makes this guilt-stricken mother want to change clothes and cuddle up with him for the night instead of going to work.  I realize now how much of a blessing it was to be together, 'working as a family' and as missionaries while in Ecuador. 

The thought of putting Simeon in daycare is hard for me because I feel raising him and teaching him is our job as parents.  I don't want someone else to do my job because, well, it is my job, our job as parents.

This defintely makes me treasure those moments we have together as a family and look forward to the day that 'working mom' will have a whole new meaning back in Ecuador.  Looking forward to that day!