The Delp Details

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Michigan VACA

We recently got to take a skiing/relaxing trip to Charlevoix, MI. We had a great time and relaxed much more than we did ski. I am defintely thankful for vacations. Even though it was fairly cold, we enjoyed sleeping in, some skiing, lots of coffee and hot chocolate, good food, and just a time of relaxing and being together. It was a nice change of pace before I started my LAST school quarter!

We also had a fireplace. I love fireplaces in the winter. SO COZY!

Our hotel in Charlevoix, MI

Our jacuzzi suite room! How relaxing

After dinner at the hotel restuarant

A little coffee shop we went to. (Don't you just LOVE the name!)

The view from Charlevoix

The view out to Lake Michigan

Don't look mom! Doing what our mom's always told us not to (I should know better). Walking out on Lake Michigan ice! Don't worry. The water was only a couple inches deep. It only would have been our shoes that froze!

The view out of our hotel of the 5 inches of snow (5 MINUTES BEFORE WE LEFT!!)