The Delp Details

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Unexpected surprise

So, I have to brag on my husband. When we first got married he told me that he never wanted to be one of those people who never did little things to show me he loved me. He didn't want flowers to JUST be on Valentine's or cards to JUST be on our anniversary-he wanted me to know DAILY how much he loves me. Today was such a day. I came home from work to a beautiful bouquet (sp) of flowers-orange and yellow roses- which are my two favorite colors. Now, I admit, he brings me flowers often and I LOVE that. He even made the neighbor lady jealous and she went on to tell me how lucky I am to have a husband who does this. I agree. I just felt so loved today when I came home and saw these. He really does such a wonderful job of showing me DAILY (like he promised) how much he loves me. I'm a lucky girl!

Saturday, July 14, 2007


You Are an Iced Coffee

At your best, you are: hyper, modern, and athletic

At your worst, you are: cheap and angsty

You drink coffee when: you're out with friends

Your caffeine addiction level: medium

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What have you been learning from YOUR job?

Well, I admit that I learn new things in my job everyday. I learn new things about how to save lives. What can I say, I'm a nurse. But, more importantly, I learn more about people each day-good, bad, and well ugly.

-THere are some VERY...interesting people in the world. Some that make you smile
Some that make you question things, and some that well, challenge you.

-The old saying that "bad things happen to good people" is really true. It's been
One of the biggest challenges I faced working in the ER and Pediatrics. It's
to see bad things happen to anyone, but it seems that a lot of times really bad
things happen to really good people. It's hard for anyone to see, but hard to
reason through it when I know that my God is in charge of all that happens. It
has made for many interesting and late night chats with Joel and I.

-THe outcomes of a lot of challenging situations are all in how I react to them. A
recent song that I have been listening to is "Hallelujah" by Bethany Dillon. I
have been trying to download it to the area in the margin to the right. But I
have listened to it every day before I go to work. It says:Hallelujah, Hallelujah, whatever's in front of me, I'll CHOOSE to sing Hallelujah". Not always
an easy thing to do.

-People notice a lot more than you think they do.

-I need Jesus hand in everything I do-especially my job.

-I meet people at their most vulnerable time a lot of times, what I do with that
responsibility is really important and needs to be taken seriously.

-It's a fine balance between compassion and being too involved. Some people are able to callous themselves to "do the job", I can't do that, but I am finding it hard sometimes to not become jaded with all the different kinds of people I meet. I don't ever want to become jaded becauase to me this is more than a job, it is what I am called by Jesus to do.

SO, what have you learning from YOUR job. Whether nurse, housewife, teacher, etc. what have you learned?

Saturday, July 07, 2007


We recently took a trip to Joel's old stompin ground, Madison, OH. If you have never heard of it, that's ok. Most people haven't. It's right outside of Cleveland. We met up with some of JOel's friends from High School. We sailed on Lake Erie, hung out with kiddos, went to an Indians game, went to Cedar Point, camped. We had a great time. Enjoy the pics!