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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wild Thing!

The hair after the ride!

For those of you who know my mom, these pictures of her on a "hog" have got to just be classic! Even the purest of heart have a wild side!
Also some fun pictures from Father's day with my bro. Enjoy!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weekend Away at Home...Part 2

So, blogger is doing some funny things right now making it hard to post everything together. Joel and I got to go away for the weekend and visit home...confused??? From the pictures you can probably tell we were in Upland and Hartford City to visit mom and dad, among others. It has been awhile since we got to visit Kim's fam for an extended period. It just happended to work out over Father's Day weekend.
One of the highlights was of course visiting mom and dad, but we also got to visit with others. Mom and I went and had custard and coffee with our longtime friends Colleen and Kelli. This was such a treat for us to get together and just catch up. We counted and we hadn't gotten together since before Kelli left for Laos-over 5 years ago! Lots has happened since then, but it was so encouraging and uplifting to be with them and just to be. Thanks Kel and Colleen.
On Friday, Joel and I went and visited friends from Marion and of course went to La Charreada! Vitaly came from Indy, Jeremy and Michelle are adjusting well to baby Eily (not such a baby anymore) and Shannon and Liz are expecting baby boy Hawk literally any day. It was so fun to get together with them and catch up. Michelle made an awesome dessert and we had fab Honduran coffee-compliments of Jeremy! It was fun to see y'all.
On Saturday, I got together with my long time friend Missy. Unfortunately, I have not pictures, but we pretty much look like twins after I got the blonde thing goin. Not sure if you can tell in the pictures, but the one with all the Marion gang, I am BLONDE! It is so fun too! When Miss and I got together, we talked about how it's like we didn't skip a beat. We picked up right where our last conversation left off and just kept goin. I love that. I love that I have such a wonderful friend that I can do that with. Love you Missy!
I have some more pictures I am going to post later. Just to give you a heads up, my mom is on a motorcycle! I know you all can't wait.

Weekend Away at Home...