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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Soccer Fun!

Tonight was youth group night and instead of having regular youth group, we thought we would make the hike down to North Park University (where Joel goes to school) and watch the soccer game. It wasn't just any soccer game...the Vikings are in the running for the conference championship. Since a lot of our kids like sports, we thought this would be fun. Well, although it was supposed to be warm, it was a little chilly...
The kids were great though and we had a lot of fun. Northpark won 1-0 and they will play their rival-Wheaton for the championship this Saturday. As the pictures show, I think Joel had the most fun of anyone...he plays soccer with a lot of the soccer team guys for fun so it was a sweet win for him too. No game could be complete without a healthy snack from McDonald's (is that an oxymoron or what!?) It was lots of fun!


Joseph said...
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Hummel Family said...

LOOKS like fun! Glad to know that there are other Soccer fans out there!