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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ohio State still has a chance

Although our Buckeye's have not had a HUGE season, they are actually still in the running for the Big Ten Title! How great would that be with a record like theirs. They had a great win over Illinois (it's crazy we live here and don't root for Illinois) 40-2. Let's hope they can keep it up as they play another Illinois team-Northwestern. Have we mentioned we live about 10 minutes from Northwestern...we don't root for them either.

So as we celebrate Joel's birthday on Friday, let's hope Saturday we can celebrate a win for the Buckeye's!!!

Any other Ohio State fans out there on the edge of their seats?


Smokey said...

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Hummel Family said...

Oh yes, we are on the edge of our seats!!! We are looking forward to tomorrow's game.

Happy Birthday, Joel!