The Delp Details

Thursday, October 27, 2005

They did it!

Congratulations to the Chicago White Sox on a great World Series sweep. There's nothing better than a little baseball to bring a family together. We had youth group tonight and then came home to watch the game with a very healthy McDonald's dinner (It's 69 cent cheeseburger day here!).
It was a great game! It's been a great series. Although like I have said, neither Joel nor I are huge Sox fans, we are happy to see some team out of Chicago do something! Our greatest team right now besides the Sox is the soccer team, the Chicago Fire. Anyway, hats off to the Sox. Have I told you that Ozzie Guillen's sons go to North Park University? That's the school that I graduated from and where Joel is in Seminary. Kind of a fun fact for ya! Again, congrats to the Sox and to J. Dye for a well deserved MVP!


Robin said...

Congratulations! I've not been much of a fan of baseball. I think I would be if they could hit the ball at 100 miles per hour into a small net while on ice skates while being slapped by 5 other guys with sticks. But then again, that would be hockey. Congrats on a World Series Win for Chicago and its fans!

Tony Myles said...

You know what's obscene?

I grew up in Chicago (so by nature I support all Chicago teams... it's like Chicago law, ya know). Only I live in Michigan and got so distracted by life that I had *NO CLUE* about this until the day after they won.

I must now turn in my Gino's East card and declare myself a Michigan-der.

Glad you got some good ministry use out of the game!