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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

One of my favorite things!

Since Oprah recently did her "favorite things" show, I thought that I could post some of my favorite things as well. One of my favorite things is MUSIC! I love it! As I am sure most of you do too. I listen to just about any type of music. I listen all the time, especially in the car. I have about a 45 minute trip back and forth to work, so that makes for lots of music listening time. I am one of those people that loves noise. It's kind of hard for me to just have quiet. All of you psych majors and psych people could probably analyze something bad from that, and I know I have issues with being quiet-which is a WHOLE other blog. Back to music...
These are two of my favorite CD's right now. They pretty much just stay in my CD player all the time. the first is Bethany Dillon's first CD-Revolutionaries! She's a young girl-but has HUGE things to say to us all. I highly recommend her.
The other is Caedmon's Call most recent CD-Share the well. It talks about their trips to Brazil, ECUADOR(WOO HOO!) and India. I appreciate this CD so much because I feel like it really captures the essence of need around the world. Since I want to help people in a foreign country and because I have been to Ecuador, I guess I relate wellto it. Plus, I have loved Caedmon's since I was in college.
One of my favorite things-
I highly recommend these two CD's and I promise they are "lighter" than my last recommendation of Crash. (Congrats to Bethany M for seeing it.)
Hope everyone out there had a great Thanksgiving.


Hummel Family said...

Bethany used to go to our friends youthgroup...she sounds like she's an amazing girl with an incredible gift from God! I Love her songs too!


Chista said...

hmmmmm i may just have to try that cd out. Speaking of music, have you heard Selah's christmas album?