The Delp Details

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Double Trouble!

As I am attempting to clean our apartment for company this weekend, I come around the corner into our bedroom and find that are cutie pie puppies have done THIS! Now granted, they have done many worse things, but I couldn't help posting this because their faces were just priceless. They knew they had done something they shouldn't. They had taken my little puff thing from the bathtub and torn in to shreds all over the room. At least I hadn't cleaned that room yet if you can't tell. It's so hard not to just crack up in the middle of when I am telling them NO! They are just so cute that I really do just start laughing. As innocent as Patah(the white one) seems to be, I am sure she does her fair share of the mischief that they get into. So, that's the dog story for the day! Happy Thursday everyone.

Let me know what everyone thinks of Survivor and CSI this week!


Erin Crisp said...

Common Kim. can't you keep your kids under control. Time out for those two!

How cute are they! At least it was just your scrubber thingy. Clapton literally dug a hole in our mattress when he was a puppy.

Robin said...

LOL! I don't think I've ever seen two dogs look as guilty as yours in your pictures. That is hilarious!