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Monday, November 27, 2006

Scoping out Ecuador

As promised, I thought I would post a little more about our plans for Ecuador. We are planning a trip next week for 4-5 days to basically 'scope out' possibilities for our long term goal of an orphanage/medical clinic in Ecuador! This is a HUGE next step for us. We didn't think this would be happening for another year or so. We will be meeting with missionaries as well as others in Ecuador who have started an orphanage there. To expand even more, in talking with missionaries currently in Ecuador about my (Kim) long term goals of becoming a nurse practioner, it was said that NP's are not really recognized as such there. I would either be in administration (WHICH IS NOT MY GIFT AT ALL) or I would HAVE to work with a doctor. Not that that is bad, but it makes it more difficult if we are in the 'bush' somewhere. So, I am trying to gather more info while we are there to see if finishing school is the best option, or if I need to wait for a while and see or if I can be a nurse and function there well. These are all questions that will hopefully be answered soon. With my school being the only thing keeping us from going to the mission field, we could 'potentially' be on the mission field sooner rather than later!!!! We would LOVE that, but we also want to make sure that is God's leading and not just our wishful thinking and hoping! Below are some pictures from our previous trip to Ecuador. The orphanage pictures you see-we will be meeting with the directors there.
Other ministries there at this time are in the local city garbage dump which are pictured.
We will blog more info when we know more.

Precious girl in the Quito dump

Play time at the orphanage

Kim with kids at the dump

Joel made a friend at the orphanage
People's reality in the dump

Kids right outside of the jungle-they LOVE to smile and get their picture taken
A girl that loved to give hugs at the orphanage


Robin said...

Wow! What a huge development! I hope that on your trip you'll definitely have a sense from God about the exact steps you should take.

It's frustrating to hear that your practice would be more limited OUTSIDE the United States, when obviously the medical training here is excellent. Hopefully all of that will be worked out and that you would be able to work with a physician, but at a remote site (there are a lot of ways that could work).

Praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Fun pictures Kim, and you're right, I recognize many places as well as names of children. The little boy that Joel is holding is now at home with his forever family in Florida. :) We are most curious to see how your plans unfold...(I know you are too!)

angela said...

sounds like a neat experience!
hope everything works out smoothly for you guys.

Casey said...

I found your site through the Garlows. I saw this post and I just had to comment. My husband and I were there, at that dump and that orphanage this summer. It was such an amazing experince. We fell in love with a little girl in the orphanage, Bryanna. She is around 14 months old or so. We looked in to adopting her but Ecuador requires that adoptive parents be 30 years of age.

We went as leaders for the youth group from our church. We mostly did construction at Christo Vive, a church there in Quito.

Anyway, I don't mean to babble. I have just been thinking of our time there lately. I got excited to see some familiar sites.

You can check out the pictures of our trip to Quito by going to

Thanks for sharing and may the Lord pave the way for your future! God Bless!!

Amy said...

Incredible! I'll be praying for you!