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Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Time Away

As much as it may seem that we have been MIA, we have actually just been out of Chicago. We had a great (although shot time) visiting with both Joel's and my side of the family. We left on Easter after the service to and went for Easter dinner to Joel's parents. It was a great meal and so fun to see MOSt of our nieces as well as Joel's sister and brother-in-law. Our niece Braedyn REALLY likes jello as you can see. We spent lots of time with fam and loved hearing Braedyn say our names for the first time. Previously we were Uncle "Dole" and Aunt "Tim". It was so fun for us to have her be working on our names and say them. She was very excited too! We also enjoyed watching the bluebirds at their house. Joel's mom keeps them around and even had a nest of babies. Since it is Spring, we saw tons of beautiful flowers and trees in bloom. It made me miss the country.
We then went and stayed in a small town called Porter, IN and met my parents there. We stayed in a little INN and enjoyed all the flowers as well and got to catch up on our lives. It was great to see them and also have relaxing time together as well. Our pups enjoyed the trip too and have just been sleeping since we have gotten home. 3 nieces, grandparents, and 2 other puppies to play with would wear ANY dogs out!
We did come back from our little vacation to feeling overwhelmed with all that we have to do-that is another blog in itself. I will save that.
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and truly remembered Jesus's gift to us all!

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