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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Signs of SPRING!

How do you know Spring is coming? Well, I noticed a lot of ways today. The flowers are finally starting to bloom-even after it was 32 degrees last night. People are out walking, running, blading, skateboarding, etc. I have walked the dogs TWICE today-long walks too, just to be outside. It's awesome! I LOVE SPRING! I even saw someone mowing their lawn today! I am so glad we don't have that job to do. One of the perks of renting...
Well, one way that WE are celebrating spring is that we got BOTH dogs shaved yesterday. Usually this is such a traumatic event for Hireq (the brown dog) becuase she has no idea where Patah (the white dog) is going for 3 hours. Well, yesterday they got to be together. You always have to wonder what is going through their minds during this time-this is once I wish they could talk to tell me what it's like.
So what are some ways YOU are noticing SPRING?
I love this time too because Easter is coming. I watched the Passion of the Christ last week and although it is such a hard movie to watch, I believe that it is good to be reminded of what our Savior went through...for US!
Let me know what you think!


the lambs said...

Spring came to our house in the form of Emily's slide finding it's way out of storage and into the backyard. We were sliding way after dark tonight. Emily stood at the gate saying "Night, night, slide!" with tears very close-by. Such a tragedy to have to leave the slide outside all night!

Chista said...

I noticed it is spring because of the increase in thunderstorms, of course i don't mind.