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Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Day Out with the Delp's

We had a welcomed surpise this week. Joel's parents called and said that they wondered if we had any ideas of a place where they could go for a day. We said to come to Chicago!! We had plans to go to the Art institute, go up the John Hancock, etc...then we found out the Cleveland Indians were playing the White Sox. We quickly changed our minds and went to the game instead. We picked a great game too-it went into extra innings and the Indians pulled out a win to top the Sox in this series 2-1! WOO HOO--go TRIBE!
Well, you can imagine what it's like to go to an 'Indians' game in SOX territory (since they did win the World Series last year). Mix some alcohol with 95% of the people at the game and you can imagine what happens. Well, us Indians fans do cheer (although not as loudly as the Sox) and we endure many slanderess comments as we walked out-EVEN AFTER WINNING! Well, as one of the pictures show, there was a fight between 2 guys that captured the attention of most of the stadium about inning 101/2! It took about 10 security guys to try to get the fight under control. I heard one person say "They must have been CUBS fans!" I thought that was an interesting comment since both of the guys had Sox clothes on from head to toe. Anyway, all this to say it was a great day to spend with the Delp's! We even ventured to try new food--Mediterranean-and it wasn't JUST Hummus that we tried! So if anyone ever wants to catch a Baseball game in CHI-TOWN just come on over! We'd love to have you. Thanks Ruthie and Earl for makin the drive out here even in crazy Chicago traffic. It was a blast!

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Robin said...

John Hancock? Don't you mean HERBIE Hancock?

-Ode to Tommy Boy