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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Spring is here!

I always can tell when Spring is here because I see a lot more stuff being done outside. One of my favorites...SOFTBALL! 2 of our nieces, Brianne and Bailey are playing for a travel team in INdiana, and we finally got some time today to go watch them play. Growing up playing softball of course makes me appreciate this and makes me wish there was something like that when I was growing up. Anyway, I am so shocked at how good these girls are. The pitcher on their team throws 50mph and she is only in 4th grade!!!

It was a ton of fun for us and got me back into the mode of playing ball again. I can't wait for our season to start. We play 16 inch, CHICAGO style softball here. It's a little different, but lots of fun.

We can't leave Braedyn out. Our 2nd youngest niece isn't quite big enough to play with the big girls yet, but she cheers loud for her sisters. We had fun in the stands today.

THis ends my ode to softball. O yes, the girls won and are playing in a tourny tomorrow! We are proud of them. Brianne got a triple tonight, it was actually a home run on an error, but it sounds good. Bailey (the smallest one on the team and the youngest) got a couple of great hits. She hits better than most of the rest of the girls on her team! We are proud of you girls!

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