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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mommy Needs a Time Out...

Do you ever have days when you just kind of feel like a failure?  A bad wife, mother, Christian, etc?  I had a couple of those days in a row recently and it really just put me in a funk!  I felt I couldn't really do anything right and everything I DID try didn't work out at all as planned.  Such is life, I know.  I know those days will happen, and I know my response to them is what it is all about.  Poopy days happen (literally and figuratively nowadays in our house) and the key that I am needing to realize it how I respond.  I can't say I got it right the other day that is for sure.  Simeon was a good reminder of that when he reacted to how I was reacting (funny how that happens huh?)  During one of his outbursts at home (he had previously thrown himself down in the middle of the sidewalk because we left the park too soon for HIM), I put him in time out.  He was crying, I was crying and when he saw me he said "OK?"  (He was quite concerned).  I realized a lot in that moment.  I realized I needed a time-out as a mommy just as bad as Simeon needed one.  I realized how much my frustrations and stress were spilling over onto Simeon and he was reacting to them.  Another thing I realized was my daily necessity for Jesus and His forgiveness.  Thank GOD His view of me and His USE of me is not dependent on me and how good my day is or how I am acting and carrying myself that day.
This song by Kari Jobe came on when I was so discouraged and was such a great reminder to me that it isn't  me who is in control.  It is GOD who steady's me and who is my rock in the midst of whatever storms are around me!  Praise be to God and may you all be blessed by the fact that God is here and you can trust HIM!

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Angela said...

great post, i definitely can relate! thanks for the encouragement =) you are a great mom, just the right one Simeon needs!