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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Licensing Update!

Just thought I (Kim) would give a quick update on how things went yesterday.  Olga (my best friend here) and I went to a place called SENESCYT.  This is a place where everyone who has some kind of professional title registers it.  They have a place where foreigners can register their titles too!  This was very exciting news for us!  We talked with a worker their that told us what we needed to do to register both my undergrad and graduate degrees.  It is actually pretty simple in comparison to other processes we have experienced.  This week we will be in the process of getting my diplomas ‘professionally’ translated into Spanish, making copies of everything, getting my transcripts and diplomas notarized in Ecuador and preparing then to go back to the office next week.  We found out some great information.  Once these are registered, I don’t have to do it again, meaning, it is not dependent on my Visa status etc.  This is good news.  For instance, each time my Visa expires, I have to get a new driver’s license.  Also, we were told that once everything is approved, I can practice.  They won’t change the name of my title, because they don’t have the title here, so I will be able to practice as I do in the States!  How cool!
Thank you for your prayers yesterday.  Please continue to pray that all these processes go smoothly and that everything will get approved quickly!

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