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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

ANOTHER interesting cultural experience...

I know we will have MANY, MANY cultural experiences living in a different culture. We defintely LOVE our cultural experiences even when we look dumb in the midst of them. This is a different type of cultural experience however...
We were asked by our old babysitter, Valeria, to be the 'consejeros' (advisors) for her new baby Kyler. We were a little nervous about this because we knew it would be difficult to have much responsibility while we're in the States. We learned that, similar to the Christian Church in the States, as advisors, we do just that for the parents and the child, pray for them, etc. We are there for them when they need us. We don't take this responsibility lightly. We want to do the best we can.

We weren't exactly sure what to think regarding the service and what that would entail. The biggest surprise was that Joel walked Kyler around the whole church for everyone to see. It was really cool!

Here are some pictures of the service. We also had lunch afterward with at least half of the church at Valeria's house.

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