The Delp Details

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Morning



cindy said...

He Is Risen, indeed!!!

happychipmunk said...

joel and kim!!! how are you??? thanks for your recent email about my visa, joel, you can see the update on my blog. (but there isn't much of one yet...) so, kim, how come you didn't chose the book about the immigrant to the us? Wanna know something funny? I bought it for Barb Swanson (cov missionary in Belgium who's married to Steve Swanson who is a pastor at an international church here) for her birthday when I first arrived here. So thanks for the tip! but sorry I forgot the title... :) Great news about Ecuador and your conversation with CP!!! YEAH!!!! but two years... oh well, it's a good thing you made your apartment all homey!