The Delp Details

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday


Amy said...

I love the colors in that room! What are your pups names?

MOM said...

You got snow too. Just talked to Aunt Donna and they have a foot. Our sleet/snow petered out last Saturday night - church was cancelled and we got up to no weather at all - well not bad anyway.

I bet "the girls" enjoyed the snow with you.

Terhune family said...

I just have to tell you what Brad just came home and told me. He preached in Wabash this morning and a guy told him he met someone from Hartford City back in the 1940's in the Philippines. We're thinking that there's no way we would know who is was, but it just so happened to be Walter Moon! What a small world. He told Brad all about Walter and Hazel. :) Did I tell you we looked at a house right behind theirs?