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Monday, March 05, 2007

My Everest is CONQUERED!!

So maybe this should not be considered "my Everst", but for the last little bit, this was my Everest. I had to completed this book for my book club by last Wednesday, or I would not be able to choose the next book. This was a huge incentive since I have a book I really really really want to read. Anyway, I spent all on Wednesday reading the last 200 pages and finished it with enough time to make dinner and dessert! I was very excited!
So, what did I think? Well, it was a classic Steinbeck book from what I hear. I haven't read many. I was excited to finish, since most people that I talked to had not read this book, I am happy to say I have. Parallels! It has so many parallels to life, the classic good VS evil that has plagued mankind since Adam and Eve and particularly for this book-Cain and Abel.
WOuld I recommend???
YES. If for no other reason than to say that you have read a classic! It is a classic and captures much of the essence of mankind. The way it is written-PHENOMINAL! He does such a great job in writing this. I would recommend, but I admit, I don't think I will read it again. The first time was good enough.!


happychipmunk said...

hey there! thanks for posting on my blog- so good to hear from you! i know what you mean about watching someone go through it... it really can happen! life is going well as you can tell from my most recent post. but carlos needs the computer, so I gotta cruise. miss you tons!!! keep in touch, Johnna

Amy said...

Ah, a several hundred-page novel. I used to take reading them for granted. I have East of Eden, sitting on the shelf, mocking me. It's been there for, well, 2 years. Untouched. Congrats on finishing it and (somewhat) enjoying it. :)

MOM said...

Whew! Now to the book you can't wait to read!!

My next one is The Memory Keepers' Daughter. Recommended highly by several people - including Aunt Donna. Hope to begin it this weekend.

Love ya,

Chista said...

Glad to hear you finished it on time, i really had no doubt, of course it is no latimer....Ahhh memories!!

Eily Renee Hawk said...

Glad to see you pick up the classics! Way to go! I'm impressed. I read it a long time IWU in Dr. Mary Brown's Classic Literature course. You'll have to read Grapes of Wrath next :)