The Delp Details

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Today we got the priviledge of going to Valpo, IN to speak at a church. Joel went back to his Mennonite roots, preaching in his first Mennonite pulpit where our good friend Jeremy Bustos's dad is the pastor. We came to speak about the Alaska trip we are taking in 3 weeks as well as Joel preaching on God's will. It was a great sermon and people came to him after the service saying how it touched them and really met them at a critical time. Praise God. We also got the chance to visit with not only "Bustos" and his family, but with our friends Peter and Missi Khosla. We hadn't seen them in a while and it was refreshing. Peter is always great to discuss anything with and to challenge us in reading and learning new things about life and our walk with the Lord. Missi was an encouragment taking so much interest in our lives and what we are up to. We appreciate people that God has put in our path like these friends from IWU that will probably be friends for life. Bustos always lifts us up and makes us laugh, no matter what the situation. We appreciate his hospitality in asking us to come. Thanks y'all for a great afternoon.

We had a fun time together today-in case you don't know some of these people-from left to right-Peter and Missi Khosla, Jeremy Bustos, and Joel and I.

One of Bustos and Peter's better moments...Needless to say Bustos didn't have much sleep.


Hummel Family said...

Yeah for Mennonites!!!


Bethany said...

Great to catch up on your lives again. I wish I could come to Chi town to visit you guys!! Thanks for your comments on my blog's always great to hear from you and stay in touch! Have a great trip to Alaska...I'm sure God's got big things in store for everyone that goes. Have a great weekend!