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Friday, July 07, 2006

4th Fun with Family

We had a great time with Joel's side of the family over the 4th of July Holiday! We went to the Indiana Dunes State Park and camped for about 3 days. We climbed lots of sand, played at the beach, and even went to the water park there! It was just a blast. 3 of our 5 nieces were there (the other 2 are in Japan-we are going to see them in July--YEAH!) and we had a great time with them. The loved playing with the dogs and I think that is probably the most fun Hireq and Patah have ever had. They even got to experience the beach for the first time. Patah didn't much like it, but Hireq did and probably would have gone in further-but she's just so darn small! It's always fun to get away and just relax for awhile and we love doing that with family. Please keep the Delp side of the family in your prayers as Joel's dad just lost his mother last week. It was expected, but I know that still makes it hard.
Thank you Delp's and O'Dell's for a great time! We love you all.
What did the rest of you do for the 4th?

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Hummel Family said...

I love the Indiana Dunes!!! Looks like you had an awesome FAMILY day!