The Delp Details

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Please Pray

I just wanted to send a shout out to you all to ask for prayer for today...well, almost today. On Sunday our church is going to be voting on merging with another church. As many of you know who are working or have worked among the intricate parts of the church, you can just imagine that this would be the cause of much concern. There are concerns for people no matter which way the vote goes. There are some who will say they will leave the church if the vote goes one way, some if it goes the other. There are some saying those who vote one way are not obeying the will of God...etc, etc, etc. This decision has weighed SO heavy on us this week. Our most important prayer is for unity-regardless of how the vote turns out. I will keep you all posted. However, if you think about us on Sunday, please pray. The vote it at 6:30PM. We appreciate and covet your prayers...


Jodi said...

We'll be thinking about you tonight, and praying for peace and wisdom!!!

Hummel Family said...

we got this a few hours late! Hope all went well tonight and we'll be praying for unity regardless of the voting outcome!

Keep us posted.