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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Church is...?
This is an interesting statement. Sometimes I wish I was a kid again. To have such an innocent and pure view of everything. You never realilze at the time-only when you start 'growing' up how much you should look at life like a little child. It is no different with the church. In Sunday school as a child you sing songs praising Jesus-you don't care about who is watching-you just dance, lift your hands, jump up and down-it doesn't matter. It's interesting how church changes as you grow up. It's interesting how it changes when you start getting more involved in the inter-workings of the church. How obvious it is that the church is run by sinners. I like that. I like knowing that I don't have to be perfect to come to church. I'm as much of a sinner as anyone there.
Church is hard though. Because it is full of sinners-it's hard.
Why a post about church?
We had a meeting at our church this week. Our final meeting before we will make a congretional vote to merge with a neighboring church. It's interesting what comes out during these meetings-things that are said. THings that can hurtful. Things that make you think and that make your heart heavy.
I am praying so hard this week for all of us to realize that church is not about us!!!!
Church is not about our's not about our likes and dislikes. Church is about our worship to our God.
One final thought...
Sometimes in the business of life, I forget about heaven,I'll be honest. I don't think about what it will be like or when I will go. I just sometimes get too busy...I'm human. However 2 weeks ago in a service, we were talking about Acts 2-when the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost. What an awesome chapter! Anyway during this discussion, there were probably 10 people who got up and said in different languages the Lord's Prayer. I couldn't help letting the tears flow. To imagine that that is just a small glimpse of what heaven could be like! WOW! We serve such a powerful and mighty God! Praise HIm in this day!

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