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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Newest purchase

Since I graduated from nursing school (over 2 years ago now) I have wanted to get a pair of these 'perfect' shoes! They are expensive, plus there were MANY other things that were mor important to spend our money on than these shoes. Actually, there still is and my apologies for even blogging about something so vain-however, I truly think these are the perfect shoes!
Not only are they extremely fashionable, but they are SOOOO comfy. I also found a great deal on them and that is the sole reason that I got them. Pathetic thing to blog about-but my feet are so excited to be in them and so I just had to share.


Chista said...

I don't think that is a pathetic thing to blog about, some of us are in need of the perfect shoes. How else will we know unless you tell us. They look ultra cool kim, and i'm very excited that you have happy feet, maybe if i get some shoes like that my feet will be happy too.

Robin said...

Too cute! I love them!

Jim and Jaena said...

Great shoes, Kim! Where does one find these amazing shoes?

Kim and Joel said...

I found the shoes at Lydia's uniforms
if you can't find them there, you can just google Danscko shoes and they are under either professional shoes or clogs. Some sites they are under nursing shoes. Happy Hunting!

Jodi said...

I love 'em! Do they come in red? I'm so out of it...I've never even seen them before. Now, if it was a PURSE I'd be all over it! :)