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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Top 10 signs your car doesn't have AC

#10 The temp outside is cooler than your car after a 1 hour drive with the window's down!
#9 You CAN actually fry an egg on the dash board
#8 When you leave a bottle of water in the car during grocery shopping and you come out and it's boiling!
#7 You accidently leave chapstick in the car and go to put it on and it's a puddle in your lap (yes this actually has happened and it's always when I am dressed up).
#6 After a nice drive during rush hour traffic, it looks like you have run a marathon from the amount of sweat pouring off of you.
#5 When you go into the gym to work out and they look at your funny because you look like you already HAVE worked out!
#4 There's always the possiblity of heat stroke on any given day
#3 During the summer no one else can ride in your car-if they do-you have to have a consent form that says "you have been warned"
#2 You have to stick your head out the windown with you dogs (and the slobber from doing it is refreshing)
and #1 Every time you get out of the car, it feels (and probably looks) like you wet your pants!

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