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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Canada/Maine Trip

Last week we took a great trip to Maine and Canada. I have always wanted to go to Maine, and we got the perfect opportunity when we found out our friend Jeremy Bustos was getting married in Canada. We flew into Boston and then drove along the coast up to Nova Scotia and then took a ferry over to Grand Manan island for the wedding. It was beautiful! It was fun to see them get married and in such a beautiful place. After the wedding we went back down to Maine and went to Bar Harbor. Through our adventures we got to do some whale watching (and actually saw whales!!), ate our first WHOLE lobster, sea kayaked, stayed in a Bed and Breakfast and...just relaxed. More pictures to come, but here are just a few. Oh yeah! We also saw LOTS of lighthouses...I LOVE lighthouses.


Amy said...

Wow - just my kind of place. I am glad it was a good trip for the two of you.

The Wellspring said...

ooo, looks like a lovely trip. Will be fun to see more photos. :)

the lambs said...

I remember Bar Harbor, although they pronounced it more like "Bah Hahbah". It's hard to say it normally now.