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Thursday, August 16, 2007

...Tell me what YOU think...

I was recently at work and had a guy who knows that Joel is a pastor ask me if I had seen this movie. I answered "no" and asked why? He said he would like me to watch this movie and then he wanted to know what I thought.
So, what do you think? If you haven't seen it, watch it and then tell me what you think.


Jodi said...

Hey guys! I haven't seen this movie, but I wanted to say "hi" anyways! Let me know what your email address is so I can send you an invite to my new blog!

Erin Crisp said...

We watched it with a few couples from our SS class. It was difficult because the makers take one slice of Christianity and overgeneralize it to all evangelicals. The movie portrays adults in children's minsitry as brainwashers, homeschooling families as imbiciles, and at one point shows a group of hundreds of children doing what looks like George Bush worship as they lay hands on a cardboard cut-out of him to pray for him. There are dozens of shots of children speaking in tongues and children talking about being in a war against the world. The creators' ultimate message might even be that we should fear these adults who are raising up an army of children who are loyal to their traditional conservative ideals.

I would recommend you see it, but watch it with a group of friends so you can have productive discussion afterward about how the world sees us as evangelical Christians.