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Monday, September 12, 2005

A walk down memory lane

Well, first I should probably apologize to Robin for posting this picture, and Brock, but I couldn't help it when I found the picture. It just captures the essence of Robin and how awesome she is. Brock's awesome too, but since I don't know where he is, I am going to focus on Robin.
So, I looked through more pictures today and couldn't help but put myself back in the memories of what those pictures captured. Some good, some...a little crazy, and some, I guess I would just rather not remember. However, when you go back like that, you realize that ALL of those experiences, good and bad, and even ugly make you who you are. I realize had I not had the experiences, I would not be who I am. This brings me to the picture. At the time when I was at IWU and helping with the Search, I feel that was one of the times I grew in my life the most. Not that I didn't fail a lot and not that I didn't screw up, I did, but I also realized that God had so much more out there for me than what I had thought before then. During this time was when I felt God calling me to missions. I met Ken and Robin as well as many others who helped me see who I really was and the potential I had. I did things I never thought I could. So thanks guys. And to each of you reading this (who know me anyway) you have also contributed to my life and I thank you too. OK, well, I think I am going to bed. Have a great Monday everyone!


Robin said...

The Mesmerizing Mute! I had nearly forgotten! That was a fun weekend. We should do it again!

Thanks for your sweet words. I'm glad to know that God used the Search to speak to you. And I think we had a pretty good time learning together. I knew then that God was going to use you to do awesome things! I was right!

Josh Garlow said...

I miss that hat of Brock's.
BTW, He's in Anaheim, Ca. Married, with a baby girl on the way. We're still best friends. He spent the night just two nights ago. Our wives let us have a slumber party. Na, just kidding, we slept in our respective beds with our respective wives. OK, enough about Brock, let's talk about my past: Love the pic of Nate and Julie. I miss the shaggy Nate!
Catch you soon...