The Delp Details

Thursday, September 15, 2005

It' back!

Yes friends! It's back. Survivor time is here! Some of you may have thought that people don't watch reality TV-well, we do! I married someone who loves Survivor as much as I do. We have watched every episode except when they were in Marquesas (I'm not sure the spelling is right.) We didn't watch it because that is the time we were planning to get married (a good excuse huh?)

We are very excited. Unfortunately (like tonight) I work most Thursdays so we will be taping it. Don't know if anyone else loves reality shows (besides Robin), but we do.

Thursday nights are also fabulous because CSI (Las Vegas) is on. The season premiere is next week, but we are still excited. Have a great Thursday everyone!


David and Katy said...

We're rooting for the dude from Manhattan, Kansas! Although...I missed the first episode, so I our loyalty is just because he's from here.

Robin said...

I appreciate the positive representation of a midlevel practitioner in this series, and boy have they needed her! I've never seen so much Survivor-chucking! I think my pick might be the nurse practitioner.