The Delp Details

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Well, based on my posting, we are a little behind in keeping up...

Since the last post in October, many things have happened in the Delp household.  The biggest is that we are expecting our second baby in June of 2014!  PRAISE THE LORD!  As I have written previously, this has been a long time coming through many tears, frustrations, waiting...waiting....but we were so excited to find this out.

We were approved recently to return to Ecuador after being over 100% funded as long term missionaries!

We are basically rounding out our time here in the States, preparing in about a week to go back to Ecuador.  This has come with much anticipation until January when we found out Joel's mother had recurrent metastatic cancer.  In 2011, she had a chordoma removed and has been cancer free since then.  However, in January, her MRI showed that the chordoma had returned and that she had 5 tumors now.  We have been to different physicians and ended up at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.  We have been working with an oncologist and otolaryngologist for treatment.  She is currently on 2 medications to hopefully help shrink the tumors.  She now has a tracheostomy and G-tube to help her eat.  The trach is as a preventative measure in case the tumors continue to grow.  Please join us in praying for her and for complete healing.

Because of this, we put leaving on  hold for a couple of weeks and now have planned to leave on March 18th!