The Delp Details

Monday, March 28, 2011


Many apologies for the amount of time it has been since I have posted. There are no excuses, I have just been neglected this blog to keep up with our other blog: I have looked at other blogs that I once followed and realize that there have not been posts for 6 months, a year or more. Although it would be easy for me to pack it in with the blog, I feel for some people this is one connection to us that if we didn't have, they might not know what is going on with us. Now, maybe that is just an excuse, not sure, but if for no other reason, when I do post to this blog, sometimes I just need a place to put personal blogging, not just ministry blogging. I do feel like there is a difference between ministry blogging and personal blogging. I suppose that is for another blog post. Anyway, I am not going to do a poll asking if I should keep this going. Even if only a couple people read this blog, that is OK, I'm OK with that. SO, all that said, to follow are pictures, videos, etc to catch people up on life since December.

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