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Thursday, February 14, 2008

CURVES update

I have been waiting to update on the new program I have started at Curves to see how the results are. The new program is called CURVES SMART. It is the same amount of time, but is a MAJOR workout. In this month alone since I started, I have lost 1% body fat, my BMI has gone down 1 point and I have lost inches to the hips, thighs, and other places too! I have lost 1 pound. I figure 1 pound is OK since I am replacing fat with muscle (it does weigh more!). Anyway, just thought I'd update you. Again this CURVES SMART is a great new program. If you are thinking of joining, make sure your Curves has this program.

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happychipmunk said...

hi kim and joel! so fun to finally get caught up on your blog. loved seeing the gifts you got for your bday and reading the tooting story - way too funny! okay -so about flour in Belgium. There are lots of different kinds and there are pastry ones that are thinner and maybe sweeter, so for some reason, they don't dissolve as well (you'd think it'd be the opposite since it's thinner here... but there's some consistency difference...) glad you're doing well on tests!! and that you still love snow days! love, j