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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I am not sure how much I have talked about previously regarding my classwork over the summer. Let's go back even more in case y'all don't know at all what I (Kim) am doing. I am working on a Master's degree in nursing which when I am finished, I will be a Family Nurse Practitioner.
Over the summer, I took a Pharmacology class (basically studying drugs and how they effect the body)which I subsequently did not pass. It goes without saying that I was pretty devastated and it really made me re-think what the heck I am doing! I was discouraged and just really thought I was not cut out for this. I don't doubt that I am a good nurse, I know I know what I am doing, but this class just KILLED me.
Anyway, it was possible that I might not be able to continue in the program. However, it has worked that I have one more chance to complete this course. I am also taking 2 additional courses with this one to total 3! That is more than I have done previously so I was able to go down to part time work-only on the weekends!
ALL this to say, I would appreciate all your prayers and encouragement the next 10 weeks as I endeavor on this CRAZY PHARMOCOLOGY adventure.
Sorry to share probably more than what you want to hear. Thanks for reading.


Amy said...

Kim - my heart goes out to you as I worked full-time all last year while I also worked on my Masters. It is really hard to do and I admire you for tackling so much. You are in my prayers for sure!

Amy said...

Last year being 2006 - yes I will remember that it is now 2008 soon - real soon - I hope :)

Eily Renee Hawk said...

Good luck, Kim. We'll be praying for you!!!


happychipmunk said...

hi kim - you can do it!!! is it the same prof? hopefully the syllabus will be a lot like the first time so you'll have an advantage. do they grade on a curve? praying for you! see you at midwinter??? johnna

Amy said...

Wow! I'll be praying for you, believing God's promise to give us the desires of our hearts...and I can't imagin that this degree isn't part of His will for your life. Thanks for having the courage to share this with us. :)

Robin said...

You can do it! I believe in you! I know how tough Pharmacology is, and I know you're tougher!

Erin Crisp said...

Best of luck to you Kim. Eric is taking 3 classes per semester and it doesn't sound like a lot to most people... until you try it. Keep us updated.

Jim and Jaena said...

You can do it, Kim! I'm sure the class is hard, but hang in there. Praying for you during this time. :)