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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Amy W @

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8 Things about me!

1.) I joined the blogging world after Julie Lamb sent me an email about it. After that I was totally hooked and have found so many people to re-connect with. I love blogging and love keeping up with people!

2.) My addictions are CHOCOLATE and Starbucks (specifically grande skim white chocolate mochas with no whip!) coffee. My husband would say I am addicted to T.V. too.

3.) I am so ashamed to admit this, but I am terribly dis-organized and a HUGE procrastinator. I wish I could be different, but it has worked so far for me. I am working on it, but well...after 28years, it's not an easy habit to break!

4.) I love adventure and I love to travel. Since moving to Chicago we have had a lot of adventure and done a lot of traveling. Most recent was Ecuador (our future sight as missionaries), Alaska and Japan. I LOVED Japan! Probably explains too why my favorite food is SUSHI!

5.) I like to read books of my choice, but I hate to read books I am forced to read (such as for school). As bad as it is to say, I have yet to read an entire book in undergrad or graduate work that I am asked to. Luckily I don't get graded on that! And DON"T TELL MY MOM!

6.) I love surprises! My husband luckily knows this and surprises me all the time! I love it! Most recently for our anniversary, we went downtown Chicago and stayed in a hotel (another favorite thing). We did all kinds of stuff downtown andhe surprised me with a beautiful necklace!

7.) I love adrenalin. It explains my last 2 jobs well, working in the pediatric ICU and now in the ER. I love the high pace and high skill that it takes to do this work combined with care. That's why I love nursing. God truly has gifted me (not to be cocky). But I can't imagine doing anything else. I LOVE MY JOB!

8.) I love pictures! If you saw our apartment you will know this immediatly.

I am tagging:
Lisa P
Erin N
Jen A
Jo Ellen Hummel



Anonymous said...

I saw that - "don't tell my mom." Well, to be honest, you are very much like your mother--enough said...

I love reading your blog and finding out all kinds of interesting things.

Love ya,


Angela/SciFiChick said...

I'm glad you started blogging too ;)

Hummel Family said...

sorry that it has taken me awhile to come here and check out all the new info! I do enjoy your blog and learning tibits here and there about the Life of Kim!

Love ya