The Delp Details

Sunday, September 17, 2006


GO Buckeyes!
Ohio State fans should be excited about yesterday's win over Cincinatti! They did it again putting them 3-0 still ranked

We are very happy for our Buckeyes and hope they continue with a great season. We are so excited that we get to go see them in Evanston when they play Northwestern in November!



Jodi said...

Is the map still not working, or did you give up...? How frustrating! I usually don't even ATTEMPT to pull things like that off. haha. I'm a hopeless case.

Bethany said...

I went to my first college football game last times!!

I miss you tons Kim!!!

Jodi said...

Hey! I checked out that thing you said to send for the map, but I couldn't find it. Did you try going to the main homepage, though? Not just linked from mine? It's

There are a few different "get it now" options on there...

This is so weird!