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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Valentine's Theory

No I haven't fallen off the blogging world, just been extremely busy with work. Because I work night shift, we keep very odd schedules to begin with, imagine how screwed up the day was yesterday when I didn't get up at 5PM, but 5AM to be at work! I had a class for the day which was very odd. Joel worked all day as well and then had a meeting for church until 10PM. Before you all go being sad for us that we didn't have time to spend together...we have gotten used to not really celebrating Valentine's. Now you probably really think we're weird. Maybe Halloween or President's day you don't celebrate, but Valentine's--the day of LOVE...blah blah.(Just kidding). Don't get us wrong, we love to celebrate "Love" Day, but since we first started dating, my husband has had his own theory on Valentine's Day and he strives to keep it going each year. His theory is that he should not just show me ONE day out of the year how much he loves me, but he should be showing me ALL YEAR ROUND how much he loves me (YES, I have a wonderful husband). He does things like giving me cards (which he knows I love), sending flowers, surprising me with dinner out so I don't have to cook, bringing me SUSHI, etc...It's an interesting theory, different than most people I'm sure, but Joel defintely doesn't always fit the mold...I like that. He did give me a card yesterday telling me how much he misses me when I am not around at night (since I am at work) and then gave me a few tulips ( I love spring). So, that is the Delp theory of Valentine's. Those of you who know us best know that we defintely don't fit the mold for most things...why should we with the "LOVE DAY" either? Hope you all had a nice Valentine's.

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Bethany said...

I remember last year, on "Love Day" weekend (or Single Awareness Day as I now call it) that I was sitting with you and a few girls from IWU at a pizzeria in Chicago, and our pizza came to us in the shape of a HEART!!! I couldn't believe it. Ah, the memories! I miss you girl.