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Monday, December 12, 2005

A day of Fun together!

Our Saturday started off with sleeping in and then going out to breakfast guessed it-IHOP. International House of Pancakes! It was a great time to get to spend time together before a big day of decorating (for me) and writing a Greek exegesis paper (for Joel). I liked my day better! We didn't think that IHOP would be as busy as it was since when we went it was almost lunchtime instead of breakfast-but we had a great time anyway-yummy breakfast too! We then started looking for the perfect Christmas tree. Now, I am sure there is a whole etiquette and strategy for picking out a Christmas tree. We however don't know what it is-we just have fun looking and smelling them all. It's always a great thing to watch all the people there to get trees. You don't see too many unhappy people there. The place we went had Christmas tree selling down to a science. They had people to carry them out for you and also tie them to your car. Since we have an apartment, we couldn't (and wouldn't ) buy the $100 15 foot tree. We really liked one tree-since we were both taller then it, but didn't figure that would be that great of a tree-so this one is the one we chose. Buying a Christmas tree is a fun event, and a tradition that we love doing. I grew up with an artificial tree (which I see the logic in when I have to clean all the needles up-even through May). ANd Joel grew up getting real trees. It was a place I noticed where most all people come to buy their signature part of Christmas.
Our final product all decorated looked like this...I will do another posting for that.

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