The Delp Details

Friday, August 19, 2005

First entry-test run

Just a test run so see my blog!


Hummel Family said...

I am so good to hear from you Kim! I am excited for your new blog! Have fun with it.

We'll definitely stay in touch from here on out!

JoEllen (Burke and Caislyn too!)

Robin said...

Aha! I found you! What's up!?! Ken's started blogging at, but it's come to a screeching halt while we get ready for guys to move back into the dorm this week.

Looking forward to keeping up in your blogworld!


the lambs said...

Found you. We'll put a link on our website for you guys. Are you going to be in Chicago this weekend? We're taking Emily up to the American Girl Store on Monday.

David and Katy said...

If this is the Kim I know...the Kim that hated me (hopefully past tense)...I'm a happy friend. Are you my Eastbrook Kim?


Josh Garlow said...

Hey Kim.
Garlow here.
Just saying "hey"